June 1, 2021

Banque Misr supports thousands of students through financial inclusion

ArabFinance: Banque Misr, in collaboration with the Egyptian Banking Institute, are supporting thousands of students in all Egyptian schools and universities through financial inclusion and the Egyptian Banking System Model (EBSM), according to the bank’s recent press release.

The EBSM aims to teach the student all about the Egyptian banking system; its history, its importance, the fundamental role it plays to support economic and social development.

It also helps the students acquire the knowledge and necessary skills in banking and monetary transactions.

The model develops the personal skills of the students, helps grow their decision making potentials, and prepares a generation that is ready to lead the future.

Since the beginning of the running school year, the model was applied in a number of 15 schools and 9 universities across Egypt. Around 20,000 students joined the program this year.

The bank also held more than 30 online lectures for 900 students.


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