May 4, 2021

Egyptian Cabinet denies setting electricity prices based on residential area

Electricity prices are defined by only consumption segments

The Media Center of Egypt’s cabinet denied, on Monday, that electricity prices for households are set according to the area in which the unit is located.

Claims have been circulating on some social media platforms that the Egyptian government is looking to determine the prices of electricity based on the residential unit’s location.

In a statement, the Media Center said that the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy has denied the rumours, adding that electricity prices are instead defined by only consumption.

The ministry added that the actual consumption of citizens is calculated according to the price of a certain consumption segment, regardless of the area in which the residential unit is located.

In a related context, the unified reading programme that the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy had recently applied to record the consumption has succeeded. It played an important role in eliminating the inaccurate reading of electricity consumption based on the consumption average.

The ministry is also working on raising the efficiency of Egypt’s electricity network, in order to ensure the stability and continuity of the electrical supply and to reduce the periods of power outages. It also aims to take into account the continuous increase in electricity consumption.

Meanwhile, the Media Center has called on Egypt’s various media outlets and social media users to ensure the accuracy and objectivity of published news. It also requested that they contact the concerned authorities to verify any information.


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