March 23, 2021, Egypt’s telecom regulator discuss rules for selling communications equipment

NTRA is working to fully support digital transformation in Egypt, preserve rights of users: CEO has met with the National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA) to discuss mechanisms and controls for selling communications devices in the Egyptian market through the former’s online platform.

The move comes as part of the company’s efforts to prevent the circulation of devices that do not conform to international standards, and which affect the quality of telecommunications services.

CEO of NTRA Hossam El-Gamal confirmed, during the meeting, that the agency is working to fully support the digital transformation strategy, preserve the rights of users, and ensure the quality of services provided to them.

He also expressed his appreciation for the initiative taken by to identify the regulatory mechanisms and frameworks related to trading telecommunications equipment on its platform.

Omar Al-Sahi, CEO of, expressed his pride in the pioneering role played by the NTRA and the joint endeavour to achieve the best service for the consumer in Egypt. This would also see a commensurate rise in the volume and confidence that the buyer has in e-commerce.

The meeting reflects’s keenness to continue its efforts in preventing the circulation of devices that do not conform to the specifications and standards on its electronic platform. This particularly relates to mobile network amplifiers, which negatively affect the quality of mobile networks in Egypt.


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