June 20, 2021

Egypt ranks 94th globally in fixed broadband internet speeds during May

Average internet speed in Egypt was 38.36 MB in May

Egypt’s ranking fell one place to 94th globally in fixed broadband Internet speeds during May on the Speedtest Global Index, which measures Internet speeds worldwide.

The average internet speed in Egypt was 38.36 MB in May, compared to 39.6 MB in April 2021.

Hong Kong topped the list of countries with the fastest Internet, with an average service speed of 245.01 MB, with Singapore in second place with an average speed of 242.72 MB, and Monaco with an average speed of 224.05 MB.

South Korea ranked fourth with 217.15 MB, followed by Thailand in fifth place with 214.28 MB, Romania in sixth place with 213.36 MB, Denmark in seventh with 210.91 MB, and Liechtenstein in eighth place with 204.43 MB. France took ninth place with 198.72 MB, whilst Switzerland took 10th place with 198.23 MB.

The UAE ranked first among Arab countries and 16th globally with 180.06 MB, whilst Kuwait came in second in the Arab region and 30th globally with 138.49 MB. Qatar came in third in the Arab region and 44th globally with 105.41 MB, Saudi Arabia came in fourth and in 50th ranking worldwide with 92.25 MB, whilst Oman was fifth in the Arab world and 72nd worldwide with 56 MB.


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