May 25, 2023

Elsewedy Electric Indonesia wins $3.6M contract in Uganda

Arab Finance: The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the Government of Uganda have awarded a $3.6 million contract to Elsewedy Electric Indonesia to strengthen the power transmission network in the Kampala urban area through Africa’s first world-class mobile substation of El Sewedy Electric, according to an emailed press release on May 24th.

The contract was signed at Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Ltd. (UETCL) office, in the presence of Elsewedy Electric's Managing Director of East Africa Ibrahim Qamar, Sales Manager of Elsewedy Electric Uganda Mohamed Wahdan, and Managing Director of UETCL Joshua Karamagi.

“We are looking forward to further leverage the use of ELSEWEDY ELECTRIC's avant-garde 20 MVA 132/33-11kV Mobile Substation at our national oil and gas exploration, mining, irrigation, and construction sites to guarantee a more sustainable future for our country,' Managing Director of Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Ltd Joshua Karamagi stated.

The unit will be effectively monitored and controlled from anywhere using any device thanks to the used special automated system.

Elsewedy Electric is a leading integrated energy solutions provider in Africa and the Middle East, with a portfolio covering all traditional and renewable energy areas along with related services.


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