January 12, 2022

GLC Paints to announce colour trends for 2022 in Cairo

Egypt sees unprecedented construction renaissance, urban development

Cairo will witness on Thursday the announcement of the global colour trends — including construction paints — for 2022 during a conference that will be launched from Egypt for the second year in a row under the title ‘GLC Colour Piazza 2022.’

The ‘Colour Trends 2022’ project will be attended by a group of prominent engineers and architects, including Karim Mokhtajian, Ibtisam Farid, Raef Fahmy, Iman Hussein, and Amr Helmy.

The project is an important step in making Egypt the capital of colour fashion in the Middle East, according to a statement by GLC Paints.

The statement added that the company supports the Colour Trends project to show the aesthetic role and civilised appearance of the development of the Egyptian architectural scene.

It stressed that the paint sector in Egypt was effectively and positively affected by the unprecedented construction renaissance and urban development that the country is witnessing, pointing to the need to support the advanced ideas of architects and instil a culture of innovation and creativity among Egyptian youths.

The project is based on the collaboration and integration of designers that have been selected based on their history, work, and achievements.

The designers’ work gleaned inspiration from the different architectural styles used to describe Cairo and re-interpreted them in their own style by working on the main axis, which is the coexistence on which Cairo stands; where Downtown Cairo is a mixture of several architectural styles that embody the continuity of generations of different traditional and modern architectural styles.

At the conclusion of revealing the trends and fashion of colours for construction paints for 2022, three-dimensional models of the projects of the designers and architects participating in the event will be displayed.


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