Cabinet denies reports on raising metro ticket prices to EGP 17

20 Jun 2019

CAIRO, June 19 (MENA) - The cabinet media center denied reports about raising the metro ticket prices to EGP 17 following the inauguration of the three new stations; Haroun el Rashid, Alf Maskan and Shams Club, as part of building the third line of the Cairo metro.

In a statement on Wednesday, the center said it contacted the Transport Ministry which categorically dismissed these reports, asserting that prices of metro tickets for the first and second lines remain unchanged with no increases being planned.

The ministry said that only the fares on the third metro line have increased from EGP 3-7 to EGP 5-10.

These are mere rumors aiming at fueling the anger of commuters using this vital facility, the ministry added.

The social dimension was taken into consideration while setting the new price list of the third metro line, the ministry said, adding that fare subscriptions for students, people with special needs and senior citizens remained the same with about 98 percent reduction.

Opening the new three stations falls within the framework of the State's preparations ahead of the 19 African Cup of Nations which will be hosted by Egypt as of Friday, June 21 and efforts meant to improve the quality of means of transportation in Cairo, according to the ministry.


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