Cairo’s flower exhibition colours grey city

06 Apr 2019

With vibrant colours and fresh breeze full of perfumed scents, the Flower Exhibition kicked off a few days ago, invading the pungent smoky weather of Greater Cairo and declaring the start of spring.

Inside one of Giza’s most mesmerizing gardens, Orman, the fascination of blossoms took over visitors’ souls taking them into a trip inside a land of cultivated plants. The 86th round of the exhibition started with 180 exhibitors.

Thousands of flowers in different sizes, shapes, smells, and colours filled the Orman Garden in a heart touching scenery. From lavender through various types of Daisy Family to lilly’s, the exhibition is a perfect homeland to flowers from various regions across the world. With prices, ranging from EGP 7 to EGP 5,000, almost all sorts of flowers exist at the exhibition.

Egypt’s Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, Ezz El-Din Abu Steit, said at the beginning of the exhibition that the ministry targets reaching a million visitors this year, in order to raise people’s awareness about the importance of greenery environment.

The exhibition also offers all the chemicals and the required fertilizer needed for the gardens. The Flowers Exhibition is opened until 4 May.


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