Local Development Fund allocates LE2.4m for 15 governorates

13 Mar 2019

Cairo: The Local Development Fund (LDF) has agreed to allocate 2.4 million Egyptian pounds for 447 projects in 15 governorates.

Of all 447 projects, 98 will be implemented in the Delta city of Daqahliya, said Local Development Minister Mahmoud Shaarawy Monday.

Seventy-two projects will be implemented in the Delta city of Gharbiya and 69 others in the Upper Egyptian city of Minya, he added.

Shaarawy said his Ministry is also concerned with the economic empowerment of women, especially in poor areas and most-in-need villages.

He made it clear that women did benefit from 63 percent of projects bankrolled by the LDF.

The LDF also provides funds for small and micro-sized projects to help improve the living conditions of citizens, Shaarawy noted.


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