Officially…Establishment of first Egyptian company to import cars with low profit margin of 6%

21 Feb 2019

The Nile Car Gate Company for car importation was established on Monday 18 February 2019 with a profit margin of 6%.

The company will play the role of a broker. Clients would choose a car, and the company would buy it and complete all the custom measures for the new owner.

A conference by the company was held on Monday in the presence of the board of directors and representatives from the press and media.

The vision of the company in the Egyptian market is based on working with advanced scientific methods and developed programmes for selling and after-sale services, as well as insurance support, starting from the clients requesting a specific car to following up the process of purchasing and delivering the car to the client. Licencing measures are also handled by the company.

At the same time, the company will be presenting developed technological systems in order to sell both new and used cars through interactive online programmes, which are all supported by all social media platforms. Moreover, several new kinds of cars will be supported with official guarantee systems.

A high-level network of branches

When a client purchases a new or used car, it comes with a warranty and a technical follow-up, something that Nile Car Gate has not overlooked. The company has contracted with a distinguished network of after-sale service centres and authorised services (over 12 branches in the first phase), operating with the latest international systems in the field, supported by a customer service 24/7 hotline.

At the same time, a service will be available in order to provide clients with alternative cars during the time the client’s personal car is under maintenance for a symbolic price, in case his/her car required a maintenance period of more than 48 hours.

Why Car Gate?

The Chairperson of the company, Waleed Abdelaleem, said that the there is no doubt that presenting a new project which includes full integrated solutions in the car sector, whether for contracting processes, exchange, banking funding, insurance, maintenance or technical consultation is something that is considered an advantage. It improves the market’s competitiveness, especially with the continuous improvement of the economic, commercial, and service climate in Egypt that has been taking place over the past few years.

“At the same time, the competitiveness and fair prices—whether as extra percentages to our work from importation and the completion of measures, or in exchange for services—all stress that that the market is open and adopts a liberalised work mechanism. This would eventually be in favour of the current and future consumers, and would create a positive image for everyone in the field,” he added.

Starting from today, the company will start receiving inquires and requests through the company’s official website.


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