Korean Air resumes Cairo service following 7 year suspension

10 Jan 2019

Cairo: Korean Air has resumed service at Cairo International Airport following a seven year absence.

The airline will operate weekly charter services to Cairo for an unspecified period, with local suppliers providing inflight catering services and EgyptAir providing ground handling services, according to sources.

In previous news statements, Egyptian Ambassador to the Republic of Korea Hazem Fahmy said that the Korean Air Company would operate 5 flights to Cairo, Luxor, Aswan and Hurghada in January and February.

He added that the Korean government continues to warn its tourists from visiting Taba and Sinai, following the explosion of a Korean tourist bus in Taba.

Korean insurance firms reject to provide travel insurance to those visiting the two areas, according to Fahmy.

It should be recalled that Korea halted direct flights to Egypt in 2014.


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