We target comprehensive development to refining laboratories - Petroleum min.

06 Jan 2019

CAIRO, Jan 5 (MENA) - Petroleum and Mineral Resources Minister Tarek el Molla stressed Saturday that the strategy of the petroleum sector targets achieving comprehensive development to the refining laboratories via new refining projects and expansions currently being implemented.

The strategy includes also developing the existing productive units to increase their efficiency and output capacity, he noted.

These remarks came during meetings of the general assemblies of the public sector petroleum companies to endorse their 2019/2020 budgeting plans.

In a statement on Saturday, Molla said that the strategy includes increasing the strategic reserves of butane gas after the success of the new projects targeting upgrading the storage capacities, a matter which contributes to maintaining the stability of the petroleum products' market.

The strategy aims at developing the industrial safety and security systems in order to increase the performance rates in refining laboratories and maximizing their strategic role in securing the country’s needs of fuel supplies, the minister reiterated.


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