Chinese companies help introduce electric cars to Egypt

15 Oct 2018

Cairo: There has been little awareness of the value of electric cars for Egyptians, but things are changing after an Egyptian company strives to make a difference.

DARSHAL company has become an agent of Chinese companies Dongfeng Liuqi Motor and Vasworld Power for collecting and selling electricity-generated commercial and passenger vehicles.

DARSHAL will invest 53 million U.S. dollars for the electric car program in Egypt, according to Hassan el-Desoqy, board chairman of DARSHAL.

'Egypt has a large base of ordinary cars industry but lacks the electric vehicles,' said Desoqy, adding that his company will be the only one in Africa and the Middle East that makes the cars batteries.

Wang Li, CEO of Vasworld Power Co. Ltd, said that after lengthy dialogues between his company and the Egyptian side, 'finally the new energy vehicles will enter the Egyptian market which has a great potential with its high purchase power and unique location as gate to Africa and the Arab countries.'

Wang said that this is the right time to enter the Egyptian market and get prepared for benefiting from the Belt and Road Initiative as well as the close ties between Egypt and China.

The electric vehicles industry is promoted in many countries now as the world is moving towards electricity and other renewable energies, Desoqy told Xinhua.

Having worked for 12 years in the cars spare parts industry in China, Desoqy said the Asian country has highly advanced in the vehicles industry.


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