Selection of real estate developer Tamer El-Khouly as a strategic partner for Côte d'Ivoire

25 Jun 2018

In a distinctive step helps to open wider horizons for the Egyptian economy in West African countries, the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire has chosen the Egyptian real estate developer Tamer El-Khouly to be a strategic partner of Côte d'Ivoire, In recognition of the size of projects that he participated in their implementation in real estate and infrastructure fields in Côte d'Ivoire. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire has sent an official letter to the Egyptian Embassy in Senegal inviting it to take part officially in the inauguration of the Ivorian week in the world, the first week of next August, where it will be officially announced that El-Khouly was honored to be a strategic partner of the state, Côte d'Ivoire asked the Egyptian Embassy to invite the important Egyptian businessmen to attend the honoring ceremony and build direct relations with the country and work Jointly to expand trade exchange between the two countries.

From his side, real estate developer Tamer El-Khouly expressed his gratitude for Côte d'Ivoire’s appreciation for his efforts during the whole five years of working in developing the infrastructure, establishing housing units and entering into partnerships with the government with more than 800 million euro.

“More than 15% of the used components and products were imported from Egypt.” Mr. Tamer said, before adding “there are many promising opportunities for investment and economic cooperation between the West African countries in general - and Côte d'Ivoire country in particular- and Egypt”. He added that Egyptian businessmen and investors must move effectively and take advantage of the available opportunities that will be an added value to the Egyptian economy and help to open up diverse markets for Egyptian products in various fields.

Mr. Tamer pointed out that during the ceremony he will present a documentary film about Egypt and the opportunities of mutual investments and the achievements made on the ground in Egypt during the initial period of President Sisi.

Tamer El-Khouly pointed out that there are different dimensions that require the need to increase the Egyptian presence in West Africa. He pointed out that the future of the Egyptian economy is linked to the black continent. There are countries that have noticed this and have begun to move in an organized way and this requires from the government agencies, economic organizations and business entities to move towards investing opportunities.

Tamer El-Khouly was appointed last year as ambassador and representative of the United Nations organization (IIMSAM) and an international observer to the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). He also established representative offices for his company in Mali, Cameroon, Ivory Coast and Senegal.


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