DM Developments launches THE GROOVE in Al Sokhna with LE4 bln investment

04 Jun 2018

DM Developments launches its Mega real estate project in Al Ain Al Sokhna, 'The Groove', with capital investment of EGp 4 billion.

'The Groove is located in a very special location on Monte Galala on the shores of the sea, 50 minutes away from New Cairo and only 35 minutes away from the New Capital, and the due date for delivery of all the units of the resort, in which 30,000 working man were utilized, is by the end of 2020, said Dr. Ahmed Abdel Hamid, Managing Director of DM Developments. “The Groove is the first-ever integrated residential resort in Al Ein Al Sokhna and it is built over 350,000 m2 out of a land bank of 2 million square meters owned by DM Developments', add Dr. Abdel Hamid.

Dr. Abdel Hamid pointed out that DM Developments has contributed to setting the foundations for the basic infrastructure and facilities in Monte Glala in Al Ain Al Sokhna, which qualifies the city to become one of Egypt's most growing resorts for real estate investment, as part of the company's vision to change the traditional perceptions of urban cities.
Dr. Abdel Hamid explained that Monte Galala is particularly growing into an internationally renowned holiday resort strip on the Red Sea coast, a popular tourist destination and a residential area with a vast range of impressive architectural complexes, which qualifies Al Ain Al Sokhna to become the new urban residential extension of the capital in the near future.
Dr. Abdel Hamid, also, added that by presenting The Groove, DM aims to change urban culture through providing an exceptional second home by international standards, full of entertainment, needs, shops, fun and luxury, all combined for the first time in Al Ain Al Sokhna.

'The Groove is designed to be a superior entertainment hub to assure welfare experience for all family members, with the first-ever commercial Island and Squash academy in Al Ain Al Sokhna, in addition to a 5 stars Hotel, a lagoon and a bay with wide marina for yachts. Being a resident of the groove, gives you a one of a kind identity, your own lifestyle, your own groove, your own civilization' added Dr. Abdel Hamid.
The Groove presents the most competitive resort design with its unique three-leveled landscaping that allows for panoramic views enjoyed by all units and the beach area that takes up 15% of the total resort area compared to 14% Building Area, with only 1700 units, constituting for an integrated residential and tourist compound functional around the year.


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