Total shares of Electro Cable Egypt subscription covered

04 Jun 2018

Electro Cable Egypt (ELEC) announced the number of covered shares in the second round of capital hike subscription is 108,532,217 shares.

The 2nd round of the subscription has been covered 1.000001 times and the allocation ratio is 99,9998848%. The Company said the total shares that have been covered in the first and second rounds of capital hike subscription is 164,180,166 shares, with total amount of LE164,180,166.

The Company had intended to increase issued and paid capital hike to LE711447385 from LE547,267,219 at par value of LE1 per share. The first round of the subscription had started on April 16, 2018, over 30 days and ended May 15, 2018. Total covered shares are 55,647,949 shares amounting to LE55,647,949.

The second round of the subscription run for 7 working days started May 22, 2018, until May 30, 2018.


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