ALEXBANK, Jordan Post sign partnership to enhance remittances service

07 Apr 2018

ALEXBANK has signed yesterday in Amman a partnership agreement with the Jordan Post to facilitate the transferring of remittances to Egypt.

The agreement was signed in the presence of HE. Majd Shweikeh - the Jordanian Minister of Communications and Information Technology & Public Sector Development - and Ambassador Tareq Adel - the Egyptian ambassador to Jordan - and Counselor Mohamed Mahmoud - the Egyptian Consul in Jordan - by Mr. Khaled Deib Al-Laham - General Manager of Jordan Post and Mr. Dante Campioni - Managing Director & CEO of ALEXBANK - who was accompanied by Mr. Sherif Lokman, Head of Retail Banking and Small Business at ALEXBANK.

This new cooperation aims to facilitate the remittance services to Egyptians living in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, who from now on will be able to rely also on the Jordan Post’s network made of 300 branches spread across the country. The agreement will also enable potential new receivers to utilize ALEXBANK’s distinguished banking services offered through its network made of more than 170 branches spread across Egypt.

Dante Campioni, Managing Director & CEO of ALEXBANK, stated: 'The agreement aims to increase the quality of the support offered by ALEXBANK to Egyptian workers in Jordan, by expanding the network of correspondents in the Country which is already significant thanks to several collaborations already in place with the biggest Jordanian Exchange Offices, some of which started more than 20 years ago”.

Khaled Deib Al-Laham, General Manager of Jordan Post said: “The agreement came in line with the Jordan Post vision and strategy for 2017-2019 to provide the Egyptian and Jordanian citizens with innovative solutions of instant financial services.”

He added “Choosing ALEXBANK as a partner resulted from being a leader in the Egyptian banking sector as it owns a network of more than 170 branches, operated by 4,700 employees serving 1.5 million client base. All of the above will contribute in building a strong partnership to provide trust, safety, competitive prices and quality of service to our clients in both countries.”

Sherif Lokman, Head of Retail Banking & Small Business at ALEXBANK stated: “This agreement came as a result of the efforts exerted by both parties, stemming from their wish to offer a valuable service to the Egyptian community living in Jordan, facilitating the transmission to Egypt of their remittances’’.

ALEXBANK aims to provide the most up to-date payment systems and technologies, also introducing several banking products specifically designed to encourage remitters and remittances receivers to invest their savings in local and foreign currency saving schemes, which deliver interesting returns and access to many other advantages designed to meet their finest requirements.


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