Egypt eyes new tourism markets in Asia, Latin America: Min.

07 Apr 2018

Egypt is eyeing new promising markets to promote its tourism, such as Asia and Latin America, said Tourism Minister Rania el-Mashat during a Thursday press meeting.

Explaining her plan to reignite the sector’s heydays, Mashat said that “one of the important roles of the Egyptian Authority for Tourism Development is to launch partnership campaigns in promising markets.”

She added that “the Asian market is very important; however, the incoming tourism falls well beyond the targeted.”

According to Mashat, the number of tourists China exports to the world is 150 million tourists, which is translated into an income estimated at $200 billion, but “Egypt’s share is very little.”

The incoming tourism from Latin America is less than 1 percent, while North America constitutes only 3 percent, “which is a very low percentage, that’s why these markets will be addressed during the coming period.”

During the meeting, titled “Tourism and Economy: A Discussion Session,” Mashat noted that one of the tools that the ministry adopts is to restore companies’ trust in Egypt’s tourism industry by holding fairs abroad. The last fair was held in Berlin, where the minister discussed tour operators’ problems and outlined plans for progress, and challenges facing Egypt’s tourism. Mashat announced that the next fair will be held in Dubai on April 21.

Egypt’s tourism trademark

Mashat highlighted the importance for Egypt to have its own tourism trademark, saying that she discussed with President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi her plans to create a trademark to promote Egyptian tourism.

During the session, Mashat emphasized that the ministry will adopt new mechanisms in its promotional strategy, relying on social media platforms and youth cadres.

She has directed the heads of different sectors and administrations in the ministry to nominate five young talents, between 28 and 35 years of age, in order to formulate a team to cope with the ministry's development plan in the coming period.

Presenting her plans to restructure the sector, Mashat revealed a complete outline to train the sector’s employees in coordination with the Federation of Tourism Chambers. She noted that the sector needs around 750,000 workers to serve at 250,000 tourist chambers located around Egypt.

The ministry will send frequent missions to make sure standards are met at hotels, Mashat stated, adding that “the coming period will witness a progress in hotel restructures nationwide.” She mentioned that activating the Papyrus Fund is one of the tools to accomplish this mission.

Papyrus Fund was established by Ayyady for Investment and Development to help supply the tourism sector with domestic and foreign investments.

The fund currently includes LE 50 million, said Mashat, promising that the ministry will be working during the coming period to raise the fund’s financial capacity to help in improving tourism services.

The new Chairman of Board of Directors of the Egyptian Authority for Tourism Development, Ahmed Youssef, attended the meeting on Thursday and pointed out his plans to further utilize social media and youth groups to meet the sector’s demands and expand into new markets.

Youssef said that the first action the authority will take to maintain commitment and authenticity is to pay off arrears stipulated in deals signed with companies and hotels.


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