Etisalat Egypt continues to lose customers to competitors

26 Mar 2018

Etisalat Egypt continued to lose more of its customers in similar fashion to recent months. The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) report, showing data from December, showed that the company has lost nearly 500,000 clients to other competitors.

According to the report, the number of Etisalat Egypt’s customers declined from 23.1 million in November to 22.6 million in December.

Vodafone Egypt and Orange Egypt took advantage and grew their client bases.

According to the report, Orange managed to attract 600,000 new clients in the same period, reaching 34.1million users, up from 33.5 million in November.

Vodafone Egypt was able to attract 500,000 new clients, hence raising the number of subscribers from 43.9 million in November to 44.4 million in December.

The MCIT report explained that the total number of mobile subscribers increased in December by 0.6% compared to November.

The number of mobile users in Egypt increased from 100.7 million in November to 101.3 million in December.

Meanwhile, the internet market saw 6.4 million new users in the same period, growing from 34.9 million in November to 41.3 million in December.

The growth in mobile internet users contributed to the increase in total number of internet users, as mobile internet users increased by 23.3%.

The user base of mobile internet increased from 26.6 million in November to 32.8 million in December.

In addition, USB modem users increased slightly from 3.2 million in November to 3.3 million in December.

Similarly, ADSL users also increased by 1.7% in December, rising from 5.1 million in November to 5.2 million in December.


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