New Nokia phones arrive in Egypt next April

01 Mar 2018

Nokia has announced the launch of four new smartphones, adding them to its award-winning smartphone portfolio, including the Nokia 8 Series, Nokia 7 Plus, the new Nokia 6 and the Nokia 1 each phone is robust.

In addition to the launch of these new Android-enabled smartphones, Nokia will re-launch the legendary Nokia 8110 with 4G capability as well as modern applications such as Google Assistant, Google Maps, Google Search, Facebook, and Twitter.

Nokia 7 Plus

Designed to provide the best content, the phone’s screen features a modern, rugged design, which makes the Nokia 7 Plus phone the hero of Nokia’s smartphone portfolio. The phone combines innovative optical devices with imaging algorithms and captures the most accurate moments during photography to produce natural images with all the details a user needs. The handset features dual optics and a dual-back sensor supported by ZEISS optics, providing 12-megapixel wide-angle angles and a 13-megapixel secondary camera with 2x optical zoom to zoom in on the moments the user wants.

The phone features a six-inch high-resolution 18:9 screen, which enhances screen performance and makes it ideal for browsing, as well as social media, gaming, and entertainment with more content in the same display as the traditional 5.5-inch display. The 7 Plus will be in Egypt by mid-April 2018 at EGP 7,750.

Nokia 6

The new phone delivers more powerful performance and sports new features within a more and compact design. It is 60% faster than the previous version and is supported by Zeiss optics, has a fast USB-C charger, and a more compact screen that fits to the phone’s frame.

The new Nokia 6 comes with a solid aluminium design and an 11-hour, two-colour polishing process. By unifying the 2.5D curved screen and Corning Gorilla damage-resistant glass, the new compact and refined Nokia 6 frame is built to last forever.

Engineers have integrated the Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 processor to deliver fast performance.

The new Nokia 6 will be launched in Egypt by mid-April 2018 at EGP 4,750.

Nokia 1

Nokia 1 offers a major breakthrough in the availability of technology for all, offering all the basics of smartphones. Nokia’s cheapest smartphone will be launched in Egypt by mid-April 2018 at EGP 1,450.

Re-launch of Nokia 8110

This year marks the re-launch of the new Nokia 8110 phone with a new look

The smartphone uses a familiar user interface and is easy to use for answering and ending calls.

It also provides easy access to Goole Play to download all your favourite apps like Google Assistant, Google Search, Google Maps, Facebook, and Twitter, and for sending and receiving email, transferring contacts, and syncing your calendar and Gmail.

The Nokia 8110 will be available in Egypt by mid-June 2018 at EGP 1,450.


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