Egypt Launches New Anti-Polio Vaccination Campaign

13 Feb 2018

Health authorities in Egypt have launched a new national polio vaccination campaign, for children under five years of age.

According to Health Minister, Ahmed Emad Eddin Radi, about 16.5 million children will be immunized in all governors of Egypt.

The national campaign, to be completed in four days, is carried out at an approximate cost of 84 million pounds (about $4.8 million USD), the ministry spokesman, Khaled Megahed, said.

Take the vaccines to be used, they have already been tested in terms of safety and effectiveness in the laboratories of the World Health Organization (WHO), he added.

According to the WHO, Egypt has been polio-free since 2004. The last case was reported in the central government of Assiut in May 2004.

The last environmental sample with indigenous wild virus was reported in January 2005, although the presence of wild environmental viruses imported from South Sudan and India was subsequently detected.

Routine immunization against polio is mandatory in All Egypt since 1968.


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