Emirates Healthcare partners with Egypt’s Alameda Healthcare

06 Jan 2018

Emirates Healthcare is a global healthcare provider, a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi-based investment firm KBBO Group.

Meanwhile, Alameda Healthcare has a total capacity of 860 beds in Egypt, including both Dar El Fouad Hospital and Al Salam International Hospital, in addition to a chain of labs, such as Tabibi 24/7.

Furthermore, “our expansion in Egypt comes from our strong belief in the development and prosperity of the Egyptian market, and the progress that Egypt is making in all areas as a nation,” said Khalifa Bin Butti, chairperson of KBBO Group.

Moreover, he stressed the serious need for additional healthcare in Egypt, explaining that Egypt’s population has reached 91 million, yet the number of hospital beds available is less than two per 1,000 people.

“With an annual population growth of 2.2%, Egypt desperately needs more hospital beds and improved quality of healthcare services, which this partnership will help provide.”

Meanwhile, for his part, Fahad Khater, chairperson of Alameda Healthcare, said, “we’re delighted to have a strategic partner with the capabilities, international experience, and authority of KBBO Group in the healthcare sector.”

“We’re continually looking for ways to improve our facilities and the care we provide to patients, whether through our new and recently-upgraded hospitals and medical complexes, or via international partnerships with healthcare specialists like Emirates Healthcare,” he continued.

He added that there has been an increased quality of healthcare in Egypt in recent years, largely because of increased medical insurance and ongoing investment in the sector from international companies like KBBO.

Finally, he assured that today’s partnership will enhance the quality of and access to healthcare for all Egyptians.


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