Egypt posts record number of German tourists in revival

23 Oct 2017

Chairman of Egypt's Tourism Promotion Authority Hisham al-Demeiry said Saturday that 800,000 German tourists had visited Egypt from January to September this year.

Speaking during a workshop in the resort city of Sharm al-Sheikh in South Sinai, al-Demeiry said the number exceeded that of last year and was close to the number of German tourists who visited Egypt during the peak year of 2010.

The Egyptian official expected the number of tourists to hit one million by the end of this year.

Tourism in Egypt was dealt a heavy blow following the Russian airplane crash in North Sinai in October 2015, after which several countries, including Britain and Russia, suspended their flights to Egypt.

This further augmented recession in the country's already ailing tourism sector which is a major source of its national income and foreign currency reserves.

However, even before the plane crash, Egypt suffered a sharp decline in tourism due to three years of political turmoil, including two mass uprisings which toppled two presidents, forcing several countries to ban their citizens from visiting Egypt for safety reasons.


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