Automotive companies fix prices after Automech Formula 2017 concludes

11 Oct 2017

A number of car companies decided to fix prices after offering discounts at the Automech Formula 2017. The automotive market witnessed a rise in the price of a number of models.

With the recession plummeting market sales, customers are waiting for discount offers in the coming period, for new car buyers, after the used cars has outperformed them over the past months.

A number of car companies have already moved to adjust prices before the opening of the Automech Formula 2017International Motor Show earlier this month.

The car market witnessed a decline in prices of a number of models in September, while other brands kept their prices stable and some went up.

Daily News Egypt toured the prices of leading brands in the local market for deliveries in September.

Opel raises the price of Astra and Corsa

An increase of EGP 10,000 on the Opel Astra to boost the price of its first class to EGP 325,000, while the price of the Opel Corsa increased by EGP 5,000 reaching EGP 270,000.

In the past month, Opel has reduced the price of its Astra EGP 10,000, making the price of its first class EGP 315,000, while the price of Insignia increased by EGP 6,000 to reach EGP 465,000, and EGP 21,000 over the Cascada reaching EGP 650,000.

Hyundai Altra HD sold at EGP 234,000

Hyundai has kept the prices for September to be October delivery prices, besides adding EGP 1,000 to the price of Elantra HD to reach EGP 234,000.

The Korean brand Hyundai has revised the prices of its models over the past month, in increments ranging from EGP 2,000 to EGP 20,000, adding EGP 2,400 to Verna Manual, EGP 1000 to Verna Automatic and EGP 7,900 to the price of Accent to reach a price of EGP 232,900, and EGP 10,000 on the price of Tuscan to reach the raise the price of its first class to EGP 460,000.

Toyota sees no changes in October

Toyota has kept the prices as in August, to be the delivery prices for September and October, as opposed to the offers made during the days of the exhibition AUTOMECH FORMULA 2017.

The Japanese brand Toyota added EGP 12,000 in August on the Corolla to start from EGP 347,000, and EGP 5,000 on the Yaris to the price of EGP 295,000, and EGP 35,000 over the Oris to start from EGP 390,000, And EGP 12,000 on the CH-R.

With the increase in the prices of models Fortuner by offering the new format, which ranged between EGP 924,000 and EGP 1m and EGP 134,000.

Chevrolet fixes their prices

The American mark Chevrolet to fix the prices of the month of September, to be the price of deliveries in October.

The American brand Chevrolet has reduced the price of its Optra to EGP 202,900, while the price of N300 has decreased by EGP 1,000 to EGP 149,000, while the price of the cruise has increased by EGP 5,000.

Chevrolet has set the price for Avio and Lanos.

Mercedes keeps September's prices

Mercedes kept the price of September as the price of the October delivery.

Mercedes has already moved its cars between EGP 20,000 and EGP 68,000 in September, adding EGP 68,000 to the C180, EGP 20,000 more than the CLA180, the GLA 200 and EGP 40,000 to the E180.

BMW is adjusting its pricing policy

BMW rose from the price of 318i to about EGP 30,000, adding EGP 20,000 at the price of 320i and 340i, and EGP 40,000 at the price of 330i, while the price of 218i was cut down by EGP 12,000.

BMW raised the price of 520i by about EGP 80,000 in September, and added EGP 100,000 on the fifth series 520i and 528 i, and EGP 60,000 at the price of X1 and EGP 45,000 on the price X3.

Nissan Sunny with EGP 203,000

'Nissan' kept the price of the month of September, to be the price of deliveries in October

Nissan has already adjusted the prices of its models for September delivery, with Sunny rising to EGP 3,100 starting from EGP 203,000 and reaching the last category of EGP 224,000.

While Nissan cut 6 thousand pounds from the price of Sentra to EGP 285,000.

The stability of Kia models

Kia maintained its August prices to be the price of its model deliveries during September and October.

In August, Korea's Kia added EGP 4,000 to Cairns, Cerato and Seoul, and EGP 5,000 to Cee'd to start from EGP 365,000 and EGP 3,000 to Rio to record EGP 318,000, and EGP 2,000 on the Picanto to record EGP 232,000.

Kia's prices have stabilized for the first time in a year and a half for May, June and July deliveries respectively.

Mitsubishi Lancer settles at EGP 250,000

Mitsubishi kept the price of the month of September, to be the price of deliveries in October.

The Japanese brand 'Mitsubishi' raised last month from the price of the car Lancer EGP 5,000, starting from EGP 250,000.

Ghabbour Auto raises the price of Emgrand 7 for EGP 160,000

Ghabbour Auto has raised the price of its car, Geely Emegrand 7 by EGP 1,000 to reach EGP 161,000.

Renault has been stabilizing for the 5th consecutive month

Renault has kept the prices of its models in May to be the price of delivery of cars in June, July, August, September and early October.

In May, Renault raised the price of its Logan by EGP 15,000, starting with the price of the Manual category from EGP 180,000, and the price of the automatic category of EGP 205,000.

It also raised the price of Lodgy by EGP 8,000, to reach EGP 249,000, and increase of EGP 10,000 on the price of Captur and Kadjar, and added EGP 15,000 on the price of Sandero and Stepway.

Ford Focus, worth EGP 293,000

Ford kept the price for September as the October delivery price.

In the past, the Daily News Egypt tour revealed the prices of American cars established last September, the American brand Ford to launch its Fusion for EGP 480,000 and added EGP 3,000 on the Focus to become EGP 293,000.

Chery Envy price rises EGP 2,000 and reaches EGP 141,000

During the month of October, Chery added about EGP 2,000 to the price of Envy to reach EGP 141,000.

In the past, Chery added EGP 3,000 to the price of Envy to reach EGP139,000, and EGP 3,900 on the Tiggo, to reach EGP 225,000.


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