Uber opens regional customer service centre in Egypt next Tuesday

05 Oct 2017

Uber Egypt will open, next Tuesday, a new regional customer service centre service that will serve its drivers and customers in the Middle East and Egypt. The opening ceremony will be attended by Pierre Dimitri, Uber’s Vice President and Head of Operations of Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

President Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi met with officials of Uber International during his visit to the United States last month. The president discussed with the company the increase of investments in the Egyptian market.

The Egyptian market is the most important for Uber in the Middle East and Africa, which is highlighted by the large investments that the company pumps in the Egyptian market, which reached EGP 250m in 2016. The number of drivers working with Uber in Egypt amounted to 50,000, of which about 40% were unemployed prior to joining Uber. This also hints that Uber is helping Egyptians get a job or increase their monthly income.

The ride-hailing company, Uber, had decided to amend its tariff, following the hike in fuel prices at the end of June. According to the new prices, the basic fare was increased to EGP 6 for UberX and EGP 7 for Uber Select.

The company also increased the tariff per km to EGP 1.85 for UberX and EGP 2 for Uber Select. The per minute was set at EGP 0.25 for UberX and EGP 0.4 for Uber Select. The minimum fare was set at EGP 10 and EGP 15 for both services respectively.

The price used by Uber is calculated based on multiplying the number of mileage by the waiting time cost.


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