Xiaomi, Huawei amend mobile phone prices in September

28 Sep 2017

Xiaomi announced its price list for its mobile phones in September. The price list included eight different kinds of smartphones. The company’s mobile phones’ prices ranged between EGP 2,099 and 7,999.

Xiaomi company for electronics is planning to open three customer services and sales centres in the Egyptian market during this September as a first step for expansion in the Egyptian market and boosting its brand spread.

The company will work on achieving proliferation in the Egyptian market through concentration on the price segment above EGP 3,000 regarding smart phones.

Xiaomi is planning to further push its online sales through holding agreements and partnerships with e-commerce websites. Currently, Xiaomi has an agreement with Jumia to offer Xiaomi devices on the website.

Meanwhile, Huawei for mobile phones posited its price list for smartphones for the same month. The price tags of three mobile phones have been changed: GR 5 2017, Y7 Prime, and GR3 2017.

According to the price list, the company set the price of GR5 2007 at EGP 4,390 for distributors and its final selling price at EGP 4,769. The company also determined the price of the Y7 Prime is EGP 3,670 for distributors and a selling price of EGP 3,989 for consumers.

Moreover, Huawei priced its GR3 2017 for distributors at EGP 3,580 and EGP 3,889 for consumers.

Samsung and Huawei have increased the price of their products from mobile phones and tablets at the end of last year on the back of the hike in exchange rate and the hard currency shortage on the market. In addition, Samsung phones have also increased in price by 8-11.1% across basic phones, smartphones, tablets, and smart watches.


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